Frshslabs Keychain
Frshslabs Keychain
Frshslabs Keychain
Frshslabs Keychain
Frshslabs Keychain
Frshslabs Keychain

Frshslabs Keychain

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You asked and we delivered; introducing the dopest, high-end, custom keychains! 🥳
  • Locally Made & Sustainable
  • Free Shipping on Orders $45+

Wood Color

It might sound silly, but don't use our scent oils on frshslabs keychains - they look FRSH enough as they are 😎

We've been making the dopest air fresheners for a while, and throughout the years you'd keep telling us: "I thought these were keychains!" / "Bro, use these killer designs for keychains..." / "Ah man, I would love my car as a keychain!"

We heard you loud and clear, introducing our collection of frshslabs keychains! 🥳 We'll spare you the marketing lingo: they're fire, premium, custom keychains - The end!

Your frshslab is made to order and will be shipped within 5 business days. Please allow 2-4 working days for delivery within the United States.

We send all Frshslabs via USPS as our default / FREE Shipping option. You have the choice to select UPS, FedEx, or DHL shipping as desired, depending on your geographic location.

Wood: We offer three different types of wood; Cedar (Light), Cherry (Medium), and Walnut (Dark). All our wood comes from local sawmills and we primarily use cut-off's that would otherwise get thrown out. This way we reduce waste and the impact on our planets resources.

Engraving: All Frshslabs Keychains are engraved on both sides, for a high end look! Whenever possible, we ensure text remains legible on either side. Some designs will be mirrored, if they are asymmetric in shape.

Install: Open the hardware using a flat head screwdriver, feed the leather loop through your key, close the hardware. We don't supply key rings, but you can use your own if desired.

Natural & Sustainable

We care about our planet as much as we care about our cars, so all Frshslabs last a lifetime, create frsh’er air without the use of chemicals, and are locally made here in Charlotte, NC.

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