Limited Edition

Dropping new scents for the season. While supplies last!

What's this about?

We're always working on new ways to keep you FRSH and throughout the years we've curated a library of unique scents.

Our goal is to give you guys a "whiff" of these fragrances, on select Frshslabs and of course as refill bottles! 😎

Christmas Tree

Holiday Spirit

Crisp Breeze

Hemp Havana

Tropical Paradise

Slabs & Pucks

Get your refill on

Already have a frshslab and want to experience our new scents? We've got you - Pick up a few refills instead!👇🏼

Hear it from the Frshfam


These will leave your car smelling fresh! Not only do they smell great; but they're also environmentally friendly and a way better alternative to the artificial chemicals in most other air fresheners.

Jon Smith

I've had this dangling from the rear view mirror of three different cars, it has survived two major accidents and still looks adorable as ever.


You never know what you come across on social media these days, but this is hands down the best air freshener I have tried. And the design is awesome too!

Steve Barnett

I love this whole idea, so took a gamble and ordered one. Very well made and exactly what I was expecting. I love that I can add more oil or even eventually change the scent!

Justin Beers

This is a must have for any car enthusiast. Forget the cheap stuff at Target/Walmart or the gas station and get one of these instead!

Dan Balto