Staying FRSH

Re-scent your slabs & puck

Pick up a few Refills

Frshslabs typically hold their scent 4 to 8 weeks! Some say it lasts 3 weeks, others report 10+ weeks. Regardless of when the time comes, re-scenting your frshslab is easy with our Refill Bottles!👇🏼

How to re-scent your Frshslabs?

Remove the frshslab from your car, to make sure you don't drip oil in unwanted areas. From here you have two options: either lay it on a flat surface with a napkin underneath, or place it in a plastic bag. Apply 5 - 10 drops on your frshslab, until evenly coated - You can add more or less oil to your liking. Once the wood completely absorbs the oil, or is saturated, you're ready to hang it back in your car.

Note: Avoid excess oil on your frshslab. Use a napkin to pat the wood dry as needed, before hanging it back in your car!


How to re-scent your Frshslabs puck?

Remove the puck from your car, to make sure you don't drip oil in unwanted areas. With the lid open, squirt 5 - 10 drops onto the wood. That's it, you're ready to place it back in your car.

Note: Avoid placements slanted more than 45* or inverting your frshslabs puck, so that oil within does not seep into unwanted areas.

Hear it from the Frshfam


This is a must have for any car enthusiast. Forget the cheap stuff at Target/Walmart or the gas station and get one of these instead!

Dan Balto

These will leave your car smelling fresh! Not only do they smell great; but they're also environmentally friendly and a way better alternative to the artificial chemicals in most other air fresheners.

Jon Smith

I've had this dangling from the rear view mirror of three different cars, it has survived two major accidents and still looks adorable as ever.


You never know what you come across on social media these days, but this is hands down the best air freshener I have tried. And the design is awesome too!

Steve Barnett

I love this whole idea, so took a gamble and ordered one. Very well made and exactly what I was expecting. I love that I can add more oil or even eventually change the scent!

Justin Beers

Scent Delivery & Duration

Scent is very personal, some people pick up on certain notes more than others, so explore a couple of our fragrances to see what works best for you. Pick up some Scent Samples here!

Differences in car usage, interior cleanliness, the ambient temperature, or the size of your ride can also affect how long your Frshslabs last between re-scents.