About us

Frshslabs is a custom air freshener brand based in Charlotte, NC and Arnhem, The Netherlands. Established by designers Julian Dinsing & Bobby Brand in 2019, who've been passionate about cars since day one. Frshslabs began since we were tired of single use air fresheners that didn’t match the style of our cars. Turns out we aren’t alone and noticed that more of our fellow car enthusiasts shared this same problem.
Julian, who is based in Charlotte, NC drives a bagged Audi Allroad on 20” Rotiforms LAS-R’s. Julian's Allroad stays frsh with a Sport Allroad frshslab and his favorite Clean Cotton scent. Other mods on this Allroad:

  • Wiper delete
  • Yellow fog bulbs
  • Magnaflow catback
  • Air Lift Performance bags
  • Sport badge
  • S mirrors


Bobby, who is based in Arnhem, drives a static Audi S1 on 18” 3SDM 0.66’s. Bobby's S1 stays frsh with a frshslabs frshslab and the Apple & Berries scent. Other mods on this S1:

  • Wiper delete
  • RS Grill
  • 8mm spacers in the rear
  • Both mid dampeners deleted
  • Open air filter