M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab
M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab
M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab
M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab
M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab
M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab
M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab

M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab

Solid wood - Re-scentable - Earth friendly
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M2 Ghost Resurrection Frshslab

As many of you know, @m2_ghost has faced "death" by consuming water contaminated fuel recently... good thing is, a Ghost can't be killed! Instead it's resurrection time, in the hands of @tyspeed! We all know the saying; "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." - That's exactly right, this will be some top shelf lemonade; Stay tuned!!! 🍋

So what's the deal with this limited edition M2 Ghost slab?! 👻 We've partnered with Matt to support the rebuild. Cost adds up quick when you're working on a beast like the Ghost! With every order of the M2 Ghost Frshslab, nett proceeds will be donated to the resurrection budget!

At Frshslabs we're tired of single-use air fresheners that don't suit your car or lifestyle. Each slab is made using solid wood and re-scentable, so you can stay forever frsh, just the way you like! All while reducing waste!

Here's How to Order

Step 1: Select your refill size 
Step 2: Choose your wood color 
Step 3: Pick your scent 

Our Premium Scents

Dark Ice*
A high-end twist on the all time favorite. We legally can’t spell it out, but you’ll often find it on roads when it’s freezing! Fresh and uplifting mix of bergamot, lime, amber, and musk.

French Vanilla

Sweet and irresistible fusion of creamy vanilla, coconut milk, and sugarcane.

Clean Cotton
Crisp and bold blend of sunny cotton, white peach, lavender, and coconut water.

Fruit Loops*
No kid or adult can forget the smell of a fresh bowl of Fruit Loops. Trust us, we nailed this one!

Crisp Air & Winterberry*
Fruity and fresh mix of blackberry, raspberry, honeysuckle, and winterberry.

Cucumber Melon
Fresh and sweet scent of summer with juicy watermelon, apple, and cucumber water.

Mandarin Woods
Masculine and mysterious fusion of woods, citrus, and frankincense.

Stress Relief
Soothing and tranquil notes of chamomile, lavender, and honey, as well as essential oils like lemon and fennel.

*Indicates a best seller

A frshslab typically holds it's scent around 4 to 8 weeks, depending on a few factors; how sensitive you are to the fragrances, the ambient temperature, if you often drive with the windows down, or the size of your car. When needed, re-scenting your frshslab is easy!

Your frshslab is made to order and will be shipped within 5 business days. Please allow 2 working days for delivery within the United States.